Top 5 reasons to use a REALTOR

  1) The exposure to the Multiple Listing Service

The MLS system is unarguably the most effective marketing tool in the real estate industry. It instantly gets your listing in front of thousands of potential buyers, and is recognized as the place to go when searching for real estate. Gaining access to this system ensures top exposure for your property.

  2) An accurate comparative market analysis

Having your property correctly priced is a crucial part of the listing process. A CMA will inform you of what active listings you’ll be competing with, and more importantly recent sales of properties similar to yours to guarantee that you’ll be sharply priced at market value. Once a house sits unsold for too long it becomes stale. Often a seller is forced to reduce the price and may have to accept less money for his home than he would have received had he started at the right price originally.

3) 24 hour appointment managing

Our office has secretarial assistance during peak hours and message answering and paging services during the off-peak hours. A salesperson is always available to handle inquiries. Any time a private seller is away from home the property is off the market. A seller selling privately can expect to put a minimum of 80 hours “work” into the project. This does not account for other out-of-pocket expenditures such as advertising and a lawn sign. Selling a home can be extremely stressful.

4) Taking advantage of strategic marketing

Exposing your property to other Realtors and quality potential buyers will play a large role in selling your home quickly and for top dollar.

5) Writing, reviewing & negotiating offers

It’s imperative to ensure contracts are written, properly, legally and ethically. A professional Realtor is trained to handle the negotiating process in such a way that provides the most beneficial outcome for their clients possible. When reviewing the contract of purchase of your home a Realtor makes certain the contract meets your needs, and educate you of the terms set out within.


 The time and money you save letting a Professional Realtor sell your home in your best interest, far exceeds the cost to use one.

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