Subjects are removed, what now?

1. Choose a Lawyer or Notary. Nick will provide you withsome references.

Then contact Nick and give him the name of the Lawyer or Notary.

2. Contact insurance company to arrange to insure your home. You must arrange the insurance to commence on the completion date. (The day you pay for your new home). Ask your insurance company to include (not charge you for) the insurance binder- which must be sent to the Lawyer/Notary to prove to the Bank that you have insurance. Contact Lawyer to provide them with the name of your insurance company.

3. If you’re using a moving company, call now….. they book up fast. If renting a truck to do it yourself call now to reserve…..they book up fast as well.

4. If you’re purchasing a strata property, contact the management company to arrange your moving date. (Reserving the elevator and paying any move-in fees)

5. Contact: Terasen Gas, BC Hydro, Telus and Cable company (Nick will provide you with phone numbers) and arrange to have services connected at your new home effective on the possession date (the day you get the keys).

6. Visit post office to arrange a change of address. (This should be done close to the time you move)

7. Pack- Budget and Public Storage sells boxes and other moving supplies

8. Contact lawyer/Notary approximately 10 days before your completion date to make an appointment to go in and sign the appropriate documents.
Please contact Nick after you’ve signed so he knows it’s done.

9. On possession date Nick will arrange to get the keys to your new home!

Congratulations,You’re in!

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